About the Programmer

I grew up on a family farm (the original Fanno homestead) in Beaverton. Today businesses, buildings and landmarks have taken on the Fanno name that my great grandfather brought into the Beaverton area. More information on the family history can be found at http://www.endoftheoregontrail.org/piofam/fanno.html. I graduated from Portland State College with a degree in mathematics, but after graduation found that there were not many jobs in that field. Computers were just in their infancy. I had taken some computer classes in college and had done some assistant teaching in computer classes, so I started looking for a job in the computer industry. At that time there were no challenging computer jobs in Portland, but I found a job opening in the Huston, Texas area. Oil exploration was evolving from an art to a science, and my job became helping in this conversion. I wrote basic IO for simple operating system and digital filters for seismic data. This job involved traveling to Africa

After about three years, I then went to work for the largest computer software company in the world, Computer Sciences Corp., that had a contract with the Atomic Energy commission. During this time, I had the opportunity to be part of a team that wrote a time sharing system for the company to market. I worked on compilers, computer to computer communication and the operating system.

With the start of mini computers, there became a need for business application software. At that time any package software was written only for the large computers and cost millions of dollars. I started writing business software in 1972 and have written in most of the languages that are available to the market. Early in my career I felt that data base management was the way to go. Business applications have all been based around a data base system. This has taken me from Pick system, Dbase system, Fox system and MS Access systems.